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A Word From This Cubs Fan About The White Sox

You are witness to history again tonight.

It has been 102 years since both Chicago major league baseball teams have qualified for postseason play, but tonight, the White Sox joined the Cubs at the October party by beating the Twins 1-0 in their tiebreaker game and thus becoming the champions of the AL Central.

Whether you hate the Sox, like them, or are indifferent, you have to admit that this result will make this one heck of an October in Chicago, and thus is good for the city where so many of us grew up and/or still live.

This was the seventh single-game tiebreaker playoff game in the divisional play era. Here are the other six:

Tonight's game was the third (of the seven) to be decided by one run, the first 1-0 tiebreaker playoff game ever and the first to be decided as the result of a home run since Bucky Dent beat the Red Sox in that 1978 game. Here are all the tiebreaker games and series dating back to 1946.

Congratulations to the White Sox. Who knows, maybe we'll see you in three weeks.