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Simulating The 2009 Season

While we wait for the Hall of Fame announcement coming at 1 pm CT this afternoon, here's a topic that you can chew on all morning.

Replacement Level Yankees Weblog has run some early simulations using current rosters and projections from the Hardball Times. While they admit this is just a first attempt at season projections, the good news for us is that they project the Cubs to have (approximately, since they don't round up or down) a 92-70 record and make the playoffs in 66% of the simulations (56% division title, 10% wild-card).

Perhaps the biggest surprise in the projections is the last-place finish for the White Sox. While I thought the Sox played a little over their heads in 2008, I don't see them as a 90-loss team in 2009.

Have fun with this, because that's what it's for. Hat tip to Grant at McCovey Chronicles for the link.