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Friday Evening Convention Update

I'll have more tomorrow, but I have a handful of news-type updates from the early part of the convention:

  • Carlos Zambrano is going to have LASIK surgery to improve his vision. He is meeting with his eye doctor tomorrow and may have it before spring training.
  • Alfonso Soriano is open to hitting in a different lineup slot. Jim Hendry says it's up to Lou Piniella where Sori hits, but reminded me that the Cubs had an outstanding W-L record when he hit leadoff.
  • Both Soriano and Aramis Ramirez are doing baseball-intensive workouts in the Dominican Republic at the academy the Cubs run in that country. Hendry had encouraged them to do that and is pleased that they are, as am I -- it's even more important as a player moves into his 30's.
  • Ryan Dempster had a blast playing hockey with his buddies at Wrigley Field. He said they had to turn the lights off to get them to leave. And he's going to repeat his running-up-Camelback-Mountain workouts in Arizona this spring.

More later, and will have some photos tomorrow. Off to evening convention activities.