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Sunday Cubs Convention Notes And Photos

I was unable to make the business management session this morning due to work commitments. If there's a post made later regarding the session in the FanPosts, I'll promote it to the front page because I think what's said in those sessions is generally very important.

Below the fold are 11 photos I took on Friday.

Most of these don't need captions. Those that do, are found below the photo.

Ryan Dempster

Alfonso Soriano

Jeff Samardzija

Mike Fontenot

Neal Cotts

Ted Lilly

Just who was he texting?
We have heard that Z likes to keep in electronic touch. He spent a lot of time on his Blackberry at this media event.

A Cub, a Cub coach, and a Cub Hall of Famer
Billy Williams, Reed Johnson and Mike Quade

Z answers questions

Lou answers questions

Carlos Marmol
Would YOU want to have to stare into those eyes facing a fastball in the 9th inning?

Click on photos to open larger versions in new browser windows. All photos by Al