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Absolutely NOT The Last Post On Jake Peavy

And this post isn't exactly about Peavy, though the Peavy situation is mentioned in Jayson Stark's latest Rumblings & Grumblings.

What's key in the portion of that column that mentions Peavy is this, about the upcoming ownership transfer:

But does that mean this deal can get revived sometime soon? Not necessarily, because there are still major ownership issues. And no matter how much the folks at MLB might want to get the Cubs' sale approved by Opening Day, the timetable isn't solely in its hands.

"I don't think we're anywhere near as close to resolving the ownership situation as it looks," said one baseball man with knowledge of those machinations. "You have to remember [the seller, the Tribune Company] is in bankruptcy court. So if somebody comes along and says, 'We offered more money,' the court can say, 'You have to take the most money.' So there's no way of saying right now whether this gets resolved in two to three months or six to eight months."

Jake Peavy is a fine pitcher and would look great in blue pinstripes. That much is absolutely true, despite some worries I have about his numbers outside of Petco Park and the injury issues he had last year. But the idea that he'll become a Cub anytime soon is ... well, something we'll have to wait for. Maybe it'll happen at the trade deadline. Maybe it won't happen at all.

We await Jim Hendry's next move... because based on the moves made so far, he cannot be finished remaking this team.