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Cubs 2009 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

Nine spring games will be televised by either WGN or CSN; 11 others will be on WGN radio, and some on both radio & TV. 17 of the 39 spring games will be on at least one Cubs broadcast outlet; there will be others, most likely, on visiting teams' broadcast outlets, on ESPN, and new this year, possibly on the MLB Network.

That ought to help warm you up on a snowy day in Chicago. The first broadcast is only 46 days away!

UPDATE: The White Sox broadcast schedule for spring training also came out today. Two White Sox/Cubs games: Saturday, Feb. 28 and Saturday, March 21, will be on CSN with the Sox announcers. If you are a Steve Stone fan, this will be your chance to hear him on a game involving the Cubs (if you can stomach listening to Hawk).

Full schedule as follows:

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Wednesday, February 25 vs. Dodgers, WGN Radio Thursday, February 26 vs. Brewers, WGN Radio Wednesday, March 4 vs. Indians, WGN Radio vs. White Sox at Las Vegas, WGN-TV (9:05 CT) Thursday, March 5 vs. White Sox at Las Vegas, WGN-TV (3:05 CT) Friday, March 6 vs. Dodgers, WGN Radio Saturday, March 7 vs. Brewers, WGN-TV Saturday, March 14 vs. Angels, WGN Radio and WGN-TV Monday, March 16 vs. Brewers, WGN Radio Friday, March 20 vs. Padres, WGN Radio and WGN-TV Saturday, March 21 vs. White Sox, WGN Radio Sunday, March 22 vs. Mariners, CSN Friday, March 27 vs. White Sox, WGN-TV Saturday, March 28 vs. Rockies, WGN Radio Sunday, March 29 vs. Indians, WGN Radio Monday, March 30 vs. Royals, CSN Saturday, April 4 vs. Yankees, WGN Radio and CSN (12:05 CT)