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Help Chicago School Kids: 2009 BCB Fundraiser

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As this baseball season ends, our thoughts naturally turn elsewhere. This is, then, a perfect time to think about helping kids who might not otherwise have a chance to succeed.

SB Nation and BCB have joined the 2009 DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge, which officially kicks off today and runs through the month of October.

For those of you who haven't heard of DonorsChoose, they're an organization that solicits requests from teachers for supplies their school districts don't have the money to provide. Then anyone who wants to donate can pick a classroom and give cash to get those classrooms the supplies they need.

Here is the SB Nation overall leaderboard and here is the BCB giving page. Click through to the BCB page and select one of the Chicago classrooms in need of books or equipment to help their kids learn. Or simply choose "Give to the most urgent project".

Thanks and the kids thank you. And since this is a competiton among various blogs and groups of blogs, we'd like to win, too.