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At Least ONE Division Series Is Competitive: NLDS Game 4 Preview, Phillies vs. Rockies, Monday 10/12, 5 PM CT

So far, the best game this October has been a regular season game -- the Twins/Tigers tiebreaker on October 6. Though there have been exciting comebacks and more exciting comebacks after controversial plays and even more exciting comebacks on stunning bullpen meltdowns, three series are already over as three-game sweeps. When the history of this season is looked back on, it will appear that those three series were one-sided and dull.

Which is why I'd like to see the Rockies win tonight (this afternoon? these wacky game times have me scratching my head), to at least force one winner-take-all game in the Division Series round. Also, if the Phillies win today, that means no baseball until Thursday, since that's the date the NLCS will begin at Dodger Stadium. Did you know that if the championship series wind up in sweeps, there will be eight days between the end of the ALCS and World Series? Way to keep interest at a peak, Bud. Here's the complete postseason schedule.

And the weather isn't supposed to be much warmer in Denver today; game time temperature is likely to be in the upper 30's and fall from there. This is very unusual; the average high in Denver for October 12 is 70 degrees.

Phillies at Rockies, 5 pm CDT. Phillies lead series 2-1. TV: TBS. Announcers: Brian Anderson and Joe Simpson Gameday game preview

SB Nation game preview

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