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Cubs Close To Making Jaramillo One Of Highest-Paid Coaches In MLB's Jon Heyman says that the Cubs are close to signing Rudy Jaramillo, and he'd become the highest-paid coach in Cubs history:

Jaramillo turned down the Rangers' offer to remain their hitting coach last week and is expected to become one of the two or three highest-paid coaches in the game with the Cubs. It is believed he will receive a multiyear deal for about $800,000 per year. Dave Duncan and Mike Maddux are thought to currently be the highest paid coaches in baseball at about $750,000. Duncan's contract is up, so he will likely regain his spot as baseball's highest paid coach if he decides to stay in St. Louis.

Coaches can only do so much, but it's surprising that a man with the reputation of Jaramillo, in a game where players make huge multiples of millions of dollars, is likely to be paid only twice the minimum salary -- and, if the figures are correct, only about 1/3 as much as Aaron Miles is going to be paid in 2010.

In any case, this is a good decision. Batting coaches may be overrated, but many players say that Jaramillo has helped them. This is a good move by Jim Hendry.