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Neighbors Express Concern About Wrigleyville Hotel Project

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Fran Spielman writes in the Sun-Times:

If M&R Development is allowed to build a project at Addison and Clark that rises to 91 feet at its tallest point, that could pave the way for future developments with buildings that high, said Amy Karatz, president of the East Lake View Neighbors Association.

"This is the pivotal development that will change the nature of the entire neighborhood. We don't want a downtown, tall-building commercial district in the confines of a mostly residential neighborhood," she said, after hearing M&R's pitch this week.

I emailed Rob Nash, who is the PR person for this project; here is his response:

We continue hear from supporters - both residents and businesses from across Lakeview and Wrigleyville. Many neighbors understand we are trying to improve the corner and provide some new benefits to the neighborhood. Support for the hotel, widened sidewalks, the attractive building design and the elimination of the empty, surface parking lots is strong.

We encourage anyone from the community who wants to learn more about the project to visit and register for updates. If you support the plan, we encourage people to send a note to Alderman Tunney's office at

There's some useful information at the link Rob Nash provided in that email, along with detailed renderings of what the project would look like. As always, we await further developments.