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History Is Not On Their Side: World Series Game 2 Preview, Phillies vs. Yankees, Thursday 10/29, 6:57 CT

Chris DeLuca in today's Sun-Times tells us what the Yankees are up against in trying to win the World Series:

The last six teams to win Game 1 -- and 10 of the last 11 -- all went on to win the Series.

The last team to win Game 1 and not win the Series? Dusty Baker's Giants in 2002.

More history: as you likely know from watching the game last night, Cliff Lee was on target, before Jimmy Rollins' bad throw, to throw the first CG shutout in a World Series since Josh Beckett's clinching shutout in Game 6 of the 2003 World Series. That was also the last CG of any kind in a World Series; to show you how rare such events now are, since the division series round was added to the playoffs in 1995, there have been only two other complete games thrown in a World Series: by Randy Johnson in Game 2 of the 2001 World Series and by Greg Maddux in Game 1 of the 1995 World Series, in which he gave the Indians only two singles and both runs he allowed were unearned.

So the Yankees have an uphill climb, and I think Pedro Martinez is an inspired choice to start tonight for the Phillies; a similar choice was made by Connie Mack in the 1929 World Series against the Cubs for another Philadelphia team, with excellent results (for Mack's team, not for the Cubs).

Phillies at Yankees, 6:57 pm CDT. Phillies lead series 1-0. TV: Fox. Announcers: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Gameday game preview

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