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Same Time, Next Year: World Series Game 3 Preview, Phillies vs. Yankees, Saturday 10/31, 6:57 CT

With the new hope engendered to Cubs fans after the Ricketts family was introduced as new owners yesterday, perhaps we can be forgiven if we dream -- just a bit -- about the potential for the Cubs to be in the World Series a year from now.

Meanwhile, there's a chance of rain in the Philadelphia area this evening -- as if there haven't been enough weather problems with the postseason already this year. The Good Phight wonders if this will change the Philly rotation.

And in addition to the World Series going on at Citizens Bank Park, Pearl Jam is appearing at the nearby Spectrum (in the final event at that arena which hosted the Flyers and 76ers for decades), with their show scheduled to begin at the same time as the game. Not only that, there's still a chance that Philadelphia transit workers will go on strike tonight at 6 pm.

Meanwhile, here's an article looking at the Cubs' ownership change from a business standpoint that gives us a first idea on how much Wrigley Field renovation and debt service might cost:

Thomas Ricketts spent $845 million for, among other assets, a baseball team that in a good year will record a profit of around $30 million.

The new owner of the Chicago Cubs will have to repay loans of $425 million he obtained for the purchase. That's an expense the Cubs' seller, Tribune Co., never had.

He'll have to look at costs of Wrigley Field renovation to facilities that sorely need improvement -- and to create revenue. Ricketts said he's looking at work spread over five to seven years and costing "significantly less" than $200 million.

Jeff Passan at Yahoo keeps the pressure on, calling again for replay review to be instituted. Couldn't agree more, after two more bad calls on Thursday night.

Finally, don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to sleep tonight. Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 am in your local time zone (if you are in the USA or Canada, except for Arizona, Hawaii, Saskatchewan and a handful of other areas).

Yankees at Phillies, 6:57 pm CDT. Series tied 1-1. TV: Fox. Announcers: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Gameday game preview

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