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New Players Union Chief: Players Want 7-Game Division Series

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Michael Weiner, just installed as the head of the MLBPA, held his first news conference in his new role and among the things mentioned was expanding the division series:

Players would like to see the first round of playoffs expand to best-of-seven when their next labor contract starts in 2012, Michael Weiner said Wednesday in his first news conference since replacing Donald Fehr as the union head.

"There is a lot of sentiment for a seven-game division series," Weiner said. "I think a properly constructed postseason schedule could accommodate three seven-game series but still have it extend over a shorter period of time than what happened this year."

There's no doubt that a seven-game series is, in some ways, more "fair" than a five-game series -- you go down 2-0 in a five-gamer and you're pretty much toast (as we found out in 2007 and 2008), but down 2-0 in a seven-game series is not insurmountable. The issue, as Weiner said, is "a properly constructed postseason schedule".