Zambrano, Chapman, Contreras and all sorts of wild-eye speculation

This deserves it's own fresh page of discussion. I'm just going to throw this out there because I like to hear myself talk and, generally speaking, am a blowhard. But that aside, there are a few things to contemplate.

A. There are rumors out there on these silly Twitter things that says Zambrano is "eminently available"

B. Cubano Arnoldis Chapman is a free agent

C. There is horrific rumor out there that Genius Jim covets Jose Contreras, he the 139 year old Cuban refugee who ceased being a good pitcher in 2006.

D. Objective analysis concludes that the Cubs are pressed up against payroll issues and have multiple issues to address on an aging and flawed roster with little help coming soon from the minors

Soooo....drinking all this in is Genius Jim secretly acting a whole lot smarter and realistic than I give him credit for and maybe, just maybe, is he thinking about selling the juvenile, enigmatic and overpaid Zambrano at the probable zenith of his remaining market value within the context of knowing...

A. That he has excellent shot of landing Chapman

B. He needs to free up salary, and moving Zambrano enables that

C. He needs to come up with more good intriguing young pieces to augment a legitimate rebuilding campaign to presumably be built around a young core of Chapman, Castro, Cashner and hopefully several others

There are definite flaws to some of this, the biggest giving Genius Jim wayyyyy too much credit for being visionary and realistic. But all I know is that I will personally drive Zambrano to the airport if it means we are able to sign Chapman AND secure some blue-chip young talent in return for Z.

I invite the audience to rip into me as is usual course of action. Viva a hoped for and desperately needed rebuilding campaign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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