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Ryne Sandberg Named Iowa Manager -- Day 2 Winter Meetings All-Purpose Post

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Rumors flew all day Monday, and all got shot down -- what else would you expect from an event that's as carefully scrutinized as the Winter Meetings?

The only real Cubs news that happened on Monday was the naming of Ryne Sandberg to manage the Iowa Cubs, his third promotion in as many years. Nothing's been said, of course, and probably won't be, but this likely puts Sandberg in line to succeed Lou Piniella as Cubs manager after 2010.

In decades past, naming a popular former player as Cubs manager was almost expected. Phil Cavarretta, Charlie Grimm, Stan Hack, Gabby Hartnett -- all those were Cub greats of the past who served as manager. Since 1960, though, only two former Cub players have managed the team -- Lee Elia (who played only a handful of games as a Cub in 1968) and Don Zimmer, neither of whom distinguished himself as a player.

Sandberg has at least gone about it the right way, learning the craft of managing at the minor league level and working his way up, just as a player would. I'm all for this move.

Use this post for Winter Meetings rumors, posts, comments, etc. today, just as we did yesterday.