STH Seat Upgrades?

Apologies for the new ticket post and for taunting non-season ticket holders, but Al's renewal post is scrolling off and I didn't want to bring this into the fanshot on the waiting list like waving a red flag in front of a bull pen.

Finally got my invoice today (I was afraid the Ricketts had thrown me out for a couple of days) and noticed the "first time ever" option to request seat relocation.  For those who haven't seen it:

Season Ticket Location Upgrades One of the requests we hear most often from our season ticket holders is for improvement of your seating location. For 2010, we are creating 700 new season ticket locations which will first be offered to season ticket holders to consider for relocation purposes. These seats include club boxes formerly held by Tribune Company and seats that were unallocated following our various seating expansions. The relocation process is detailed in the enclosed fact sheet so please review this information before calling your season ticket representative. Unfortunately, we will not be allowing for an increase in the number of your season tickets, as the 120,000 people on the season ticket waiting list will be provided access to your vacated seats after the relocation program concludes.


Seat relocation request guidelines: - Please be specific enough so that it is clear where you would wish to relocate (what range of aisles/seats) - You may be moved without being contacted if we have an opening that falls within the parameters of your request. - Requests are ranked and changes made according to type of plan (Daily plan has priority) and account longevity. - We will be unable to add seats to any existing account. - Any changes that we were able to accommodate will be reflected on your final statement in January.

Now, I'm close to the back of the whole seniority line so this is probably moot for me, but I am wondering whether there are any realistic chances to improve. More importantly, though, I am on the fence as to whether to request this if they may do the move without warning. The good thing about my location (IF Terrace Reserved) is that it it relatively cheap. A few more rows forward, and I'm in for another $1,863.68 per seat, per season at this year's prices. I might do that for a really nice upgrade, but I wouldn't for a few rows and definitely would want to be asked first. So I'm curious as to how others are considering this.

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