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2009 Cubs Community Projections Update

About three weeks ago, I posted about Colin Wyers' efforts to organize community projections for the 2009 Cubs.

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Many of you went to this easy form that Colin posted to enter your projections. However, based on these interim results (link opens Excel spreadsheet), it appears that a lot of people didn't get past Geovany Soto (the first name in the dropdown list), since Soto has far more people projecting him (82) than the next closest player (Derrek Lee, 52).

So, if you went there and didn't put in your projections for anyone but Geo, please go back and add your numbers for other players (use the drop-down list, and don't forget to hit "Submit" when you're done). Or, if you haven't done this yet, please add your projections -- the larger the number of projections we have, the better the projection will be.

Thanks. I'll post another update as the season gets closer, when I get more data from Colin. Oh, and I thought I'd throw another Gratuitous Geo Photo into this post. You're welcome.