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2009 Cubs Advertising Campaign Images

Many of you have seen the ads the Cubs are using to promote this year's team -- one of them ran in newspapers to push the first day of ticket sales, coming up this Friday.

I've obtained all seven images that are being used in this campaign. I know some of you like having these to use as desktop backgrounds, or just to save the images, so feel free to download them.

It's interesting to note the combinations of players (and Lou Piniella) that they've used in these graphics, especially who was chosen to be used in more than one. All the images are after the fold.

Click on images to open a larger version in a new browser window

Lee/Zambrano Ramirez/Dempster Soriano/Soto Lilly/Ramirez Dempster/Soto Soriano/Marmol Piniella/Theriot