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Another Reason To Check Out Maple Street Press' 2009 Cubs Annual

I freely admit -- this is shameless promotion. If you already have your copy of the 2009 Cubs annual from MSP, you know how detailed the new player stat pages are. If you don't have it yet, take a look at this sample page (click on it to open a larger version in a new browser window):

Go A-Ram!

The stat page detail is something we added this year. There are complete pages like this for the nine regulars (I put in pages for both Reed Johnson and Kosuke Fukudome, who will be sharing CF), the five projected starting pitchers (I chose Sean Marshall for the #5 slot, though I admit he might not wind up being the choice), and closer (Carlos Marmol). Bench players and other relief pitchers also have stat lines but with less detail. (Incidentally, the age listed on the page is the player's age as of July 1, 2009 -- Aramis turns 31 on June 25.)

I've heard already from several people here who have ordered the annual who really liked the statistical details. If you don't have the annual yet, you can order one by clicking here. It's also available at bookstores and places like Target and Walmart in the Chicago area, at some (but not all) similar places in the Phoenix area (you'll find it in the magazine section of these stores), and at the gift shop at HoHoKam Park. In addition to the detailed stat pages, there are articles about last year's team, this year's team, the minor league system, and reviews of the 1969 and 1989 Cubs teams... 128 pages with no advertising. Many of the articles were written by BCB readers (complete list of articles is on the MSP website, at the above link).

Thanks if you've already ordered one, and thanks in advance for getting one if you haven't! I'll have today's game thread up around noon CST.