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In Like A Lion: Cubs vs. Padres at Peoria, Sunday 3/1, 2:05 CT

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It's March 1 -- now it really feels like spring training time. And there was a rumor -- maybe you guys heard it -- that the Cubs had some interest in a San Diego Padres pitcher over the winter.

That pitcher is going to take the mound against the Cubs' Ryan Dempster today, so for those of you interested in scouting him, just in case, well, some future ownership group of the Cubs might want to acquire him, today's your day. Listen early, as he'll only go two innings before being replaced by Wade LeBlanc, who is a candidate for the Padres' rotation.

Sunday Cubs and MLB notes:

Today's game will be available via MLB Audio; here is the MLB Gameday link (the correct one!) if you don't have MLB Audio (it will be the Padres' announcing team).

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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