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Go On Down To Camelback Ranch: Cubs vs. Dodgers at Glendale, Tuesday 3/17, 3:05 CT

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The Cubs will spend St. Patrick's Day at the newest spring training colossus complex playing the Dodgers. Randy Wolf will be LA's starter (will Joe Torre bat him second again?) against Carlos Zambrano.

One Dodger we will not see today is Manny Ramirez -- he's out for at least the rest of the week with a sore hammy. Which has to be making Torre, Ned Colletti and Dodger fans say, "Uh-oh", about their $25 million investment.

Other Cub notes:

  • Carlos Zambrano has a surprise for us: he grew up a White Sox fan. And still likes them. (Hopefully, not when we play them.)
  • Bruce Miles writes that Lou would like to see his power hitters start hitting, especially Derrek Lee, who is hitting .179. However, I would remind Lou that D-Lee hit .163 last spring and then had a torrid April. (If only he could have kept that up all year.)
  • Jeff Samardzija still has a shot at a bullpen role even after his bad outing yesterday. That may mean that guys like Chad Gaudin and Luis Vizcaino might find themselves out of jobs or traded.

No audio or video for today's game, but here's today's Mediacenter anyway. Gameday for the Cubs/Dodgers game

There are two WBC games today: the USA/Puerto Rico game will be good news for the Cubs, because the loser is eliminated; that means either Ted Lilly or Geovany Soto will be coming back to camp. Lilly starts tonight for the USA at 6 pm CDT (MLB Network). Gameday for Puerto Rico/USA. Also tonight, Japan plays Korea (10 pm CDT, MLB Network). The winner qualifies for the semifinals, the loser plays Cuba tomorrow. Gameday for Japan/Korea.

Discuss amongst yourselves.