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Clever Headline Goes Here: Cubs vs. Giants at Mesa, Wednesday 3/18, 3:05 CT

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OK, you try to think up clever headlines for every one of these game threads!

Yesterday's game did set a Cactus League single-game attendance record, 13,046, barely eking out the 13,010 who were at HoHoKam for the Cubs/White Sox game on February 28. I believe this record will be broken a couple more times before the end of this spring, probably by either the Cubs/White Sox on March 27, or the Cubs/Indians on March 29. So much for "attendance problems".

Carlos Zambrano is about to become a US citizen:

"It's almost done," said Zambrano, who has completed the paperwork and citizenship tests, along with his wife and two of his daughters (a third was born in the United States). He said he expects to learn by June or July that he has become Citizen Z.

The move seems a natural for Zambrano, 27, whose family stays with him in Chicago during the season and who doesn't want to disrupt the school schedule of his oldest daughter, who is 8.

The article also says that Z may again revisit the idea of having LASIK eye surgery after the season. Having done this myself, I can tell you it's easy and the recovery time is less than 48 hours. (If Z is in Chicago during the off-season, I could recommend a good eye surgeon, too.)

I like Corey Koskie's line, quoted by Bruce Miles:

Asked if he felt normal, Koskie replied: "Yeah. I feel as normal as normal can be for a Canadian playing major-league baseball. I feel good out there." Koskie is from Manitoba. He was on Team Canada's roster in the World Baseball Classic. During today's game, he spent time talking to the umpires. He said they were swapping concussion stories, as umpires tend to get hit in the mask with foul balls while working the home plate.

Koskie seems like a genuinely good guy, a hard worker, and I'm rooting for him to make the team.

The ceremony for retiring Greg Maddux' and Fergie Jenkins' #31, noted in this FanShot this morning, will be televised by WGN-TV. The game is nearly sold out except for the expensive dugout boxes and scattered singles, so get tickets now if you want to attend. And hope for good weather, because early May can be iffy in Chicago.

Today's game, in which Ryan Dempster will face Tim Lincecum, is available via MLB Audio at the Mediacenter. Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.