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What, Seattle AGAIN?: Cubs vs. Mariners at Peoria, Thursday 3/19, 3:05 CT

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For the third time in the last ten days, the Cubs will face the Mariners (and on Sunday, they'll make it four times in 13 days). That's a lot of contact with one team in a short period of time during spring training, especially now when teams sometimes only see each other once or twice in the spring.

Derrek Lee hasn't played for the Cubs in a few days (sore quad), but he may play for the USA this weekend in the semifinals. Kevin Youkilis is out with an ankle sprain and Jim Hendry says he won't stand in D-Lee's way if he is asked to go to Los Angeles.

As discussed in this FanShot, I'd be all in favor of this. Maybe playing in a game that means something would get his bat going. Plus, that would give the Cubs a couple of opportunities to play Corey Koskie at 1B to see if he can handle it. The more versatile Koskie can be, the better his chances of making the team.

No surprises: the Cubs won City Council approval for the third concert this July, and also still have the right to block views from the Lakeview Baseball Club if they don't pay their contractually-obligated 17%:

The rooftop club says it first wants compensation for partially blocked views caused by a JumboTron at the Jan. 1 Winter Classic staged at Wrigley.

The Cubs sued the rooftop club this month over the withheld payment, and the group countersued, seeking to prevent the team from blocking its views on Opening Day.

"We hope it doesn't come to that," said Cubs spokesman Mike Lufrano. "We'd like to resolve it, but at the same time, it isn't fair for them not to pay what every other rooftop owner has agreed to pay."

One more note: Former Cubs coach and manager Whitey Lockman passed away Tuesday at the age of 82.

This afternoon, Aaron Heilman, still in competition for the #5 starter slot, will face Seattle's Gaby Hernandez. Other Cubs scheduled to throw today are Neal Cotts, Chad Fox, Mike Stanton and Randy Wells. You may see Geovany Soto back in the lineup today, too. The Mariners will have a split squad -- they play the Padres tonight in their other game -- so who knows what regulars may or may not appear in this game. There is no radio or TV coverage today, but here is today's Mediacenter. Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.