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Will The Real Cubs Please Stand Up? - Cubs vs. Padres at Mesa, Friday 3/20, 3:05 CT

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Yesterday, none of the regulars played. I hope they enjoyed their day off, because it's about time we saw some semblance of the regular lineup, and today, that's what we will get. Courtesy of Bruce Miles, here's today's lineup:

You'll note a change in starting pitcher. Rich Harden was supposed to start, but, per Bruce, he's got the flu (hanging around Milton Bradley too much?), so Mitch Atkins will start in his place.

Since Carlos Marmol hasn't thrown in a couple of days, we'll see him throw an inning. Other Cub relievers who will go today include Kevin Gregg, Angel Guzman, Kevin Hart, and Jason Waddell. For Guzman, Hart and Waddell, this is a key outing that may help determine their future with the club. Bruce says that David Patton still has a chance to stick.

MLB note: the Miami City Commission gave preliminary approval to the Marlins' new ballpark yesterday. There will be a final vote on this Monday; presuming it passes, this is a huge factor in keeping the Marlins in Miami (where they will be renamed the Miami Marlins when the park is finished, presumably around 2012).

Cubs note: Phil Rogers wrote a nice article (yes, really) on the Cubs' scouting efforts in South Korea, which are headed by former Cubs lefty Steve Wilson, a member of the 1989 NL East champions.

Today, Kevin Correia will go for the Padres, and be followed by Greg Burke, Edwin Moreno, Joe Thatcher and Gabe DeHoyos. Yeah, I know. Who?

Today's game is on WGN radio and TV (hooray! TV again!). Here is today's Mediacenter for other games. Gameday

Site note: I will be out much of the late afternoon and evening so the recap of today's game will be posted early tomorrow morning.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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