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Book Review: "Cubs Coloring And Activity Book"

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While we wait for this afternoon's matchup between the Cubs and Indians, here's a book review for those of you who have school-age and younger children. A startup company, Hawk's Nest Publishing, based in Connecticut, is printing a series of these books for young fans of various teams. So far they have books for the Mets, Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs.

In addition to being a coloring book for young kids, there are crossword puzzles, mazes and word games that are suitable for ages 6 to about 12, and even a couple of quizzes (match the Cub to his home country, and fill-in-the-blank for various Cubs' record holders, as well as some questions about the city of Chicago) that might entertain teenagers or adults on a long car trip or plane ride. (I liked the three "You Make The Call" umpiring questions.)

It's got the 2008 roster (says it's updated through "November 1, 2009, which is obviously off by a year), and uses that for another fill-in-the-blank quiz, and of course there are many pages that younger, or even older, kids can color in, both players and things such as the Wrigley Field scoreboard.

At $11.95, it's affordable entertainment and something you could bring to the ballpark. Nicely done and fills a niche for kids that I haven't seen before. For parents of young kids, this is a nice book to introduce them to our favorite team and start 'em out right. You can order one via the web links above.