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Can We Play Someone Else Already? - Cubs vs. White Sox at Las Vegas, Thursday 3/5, 3:05 CT

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This is the third Cubs/White Sox matchup in the last six days. These guys are going to get sick of seeing each other -- there will be two more during spring training and then the six during the regular season. That's more than we'll see some NL rivals (the Mets, for example).

Milton Bradley compares himself to Lou:

"Like myself, I think a lot of the things he does, they're not planned, but there's a reason for it," Bradley said Wednesday in Arizona. "He's trying to prove a point. He wants his players to go out there and play with the same intensity and fire that he's showing while he's tossing a base or getting in the umpire's face. Because he means business.

"I understand that. I can respect that. I think they're crazy when they can just struggle and make errors and strike out and give up runs, and then they go get on their cell phone and kick back like nothing ever happened. I can't live like that."

And Lou likes that attitude:

"I can see that," Piniella said. "When you have a reputation, people expect that reputation to continue to resurface. Milton, all he is interested in is helping us win some baseball games and playing baseball. Could there be a little eruption along the way? Possibly. But I'll tell you, I like what I've seen. He works hard. He takes it seriously. And he gives 100 percent. That's all I can expect from players."

Fine with me, too, as long as Bradley stays healthy while giving that hard work.

That link also says that Chad Gaudin has probably pitched himself out of contention for the rotation, as Lou said he seems "more as a spot-starter, middle-reliever type." Today, another of those guys, Aaron Heilman, gets the start against the White Sox' Jeff Marquez. The game is on WGN-TV again, but if you're not near a TV this afternoon, you can hear it via the Mediacenter (Sox radio announcers) -- and don't be surprised, when you click that link, it looks different than it did yesterday, they redesigned the page.

Here is the correct Gameday link for today -- that is, presuming the Sox are the "visiting" team and the Cubs are the "home" team. If it winds up being the other way, use this alternate version.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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