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Do-It-Yourself Recap: Cubs vs. White Sox at Las Vegas, Thursday 3/5

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I'm going to be out this evening until pretty late, so I won't have time to post a full recap of today's Cubs-White Sox afternoon game. In fact, I left my house before the game was even over, so I can't post the final score. You'll have to fill in the blanks.

This afternoon in Las Vegas, the Cubs beat the White Sox in front of a crowd . New acquisition Aaron Heilman . Other Cubs who pitched today included . Sam Fuld got the start in CF and , and Milton Bradley . Last night after the game, the Cubs players . Mike "The Wonder Hamster" Fontenot and that came right after today's star, was responsible for the key Cubs play of the game, a . Alfonso Soriano . There were more than Cub fans in attendance today, but they were huddled up in jackets. The weather was . Tomorrow afternoon, the Cubs will . Manager Lou Piniella's comments after today's game included: . Finally, the biggest news from this afternoon's game is that .

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