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Rematch: Cubs vs. Dodgers at Mesa, Friday 3/6, 2:05 CT

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It won't have the same impact, of course, but last September 3 at Wrigley Field, Randy Wolf (then an Astro) took the mound against Ryan Dempster. Dempster threw seven decent innings, allowing eight hits and three runs, but Wolf threw a six-hit shutout, the last shutout thrown against the Cubs.

It's spring training and of course Wolf and Dempster won't go more than four innings, but we'll see if this year's version of the Cubs can hit him. Milton Bradley is expected to play right field today. Also expected to pitch for the Cubs: Justin Berg, Andrew Cashner, Rocky Roquet, Mike Stanton, Luis Vizcaino, and Randy Wells. Others who will take the mound for the Dodgers include Jeff Weaver (yes, Jeff Weaver) and Eric Stults.

The Cubs are second in the major leagues so far this spring with 37 walks (Angels lead with 39). Good to see that the patience the Cubs developed last year is still there.

Lou says the club is still looking for infield help:

"We've been playing these guys that are all in camp here, and I haven't seen anybody who has stood out," Piniella said. "They are all doing a representative job, but I haven't seen anybody, as of yet, that we can say, 'Well, this is the guy.' Our scouts keep looking."

Why the need for extra help in the infield?

"Assuming that we stay the way we are, all of a sudden, we need to pinch-hit and we've got Miles or Fontenot or Theriot sitting on the bench," Piniella said. "Once I use them, I've got no more infielders. We're done. And these kids here are nice options to send up late in the ballgame because they're athletic, they can hit, they can run. But, boy, once you make a move, we don't have any more infielders."

Unless you want to see Alfonso Soriano play 2B, and I don't think anyone here does. That statement also says to me that Lou hasn't been impressed with Luis Rivas so far.

Here is today's Mediacenter. The game is on WGN radio with Pat & Ron. Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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