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Speeding Up The Starter Selection Process: Cubs vs. Royals at Mesa, Monday 3/9, 3:05 CT

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Today and tomorrow, Lou will have a good look at several fifth starter candidates, likely in order to cull the herd. Today, it'll be Chad Gaudin and Jeff Samardzija; tomorrow, Aaron Heilman will combine with our fourth starter, Rich Harden, who will be making his first start of the spring.

And Lou's a little impatient about the lack of hitting, too, and he may be ready to have a team meeting:

"I'm getting real close to it," Piniella said. "You can start creating good habits in spring training or you can start creating bad habits. Certainly our objective is not to win the Cactus League, but you'd like to come back with a smile every once in a while, as opposed to, 'Well, we need to do this and we need to do that.'"

Point taken, but also, Lou hasn't had anything close to a regular-season lineup to put on the field, either.

Kevin Gregg and Randy Wells will also see mound action today for the Cubs, and Brian Bannister, Luke Hochevar, Joel Peralta, and Kyle Farnsworth will see action for the Royals.

Here's today's Mediacenter -- the game is being broadcast by KCSP, the Royals flagship. You can also find it on XM 178, if you have XM. Gameday