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Prepare To Ignore Miller & Morgan: Cubs vs. Brewers, Sunday 4/12, 7:05 CT

You have a number of options for watching tonight's game:

  • With the sound off
  • With your fingers in your ears, saying, "LALALALALAICAN'THEAAAAAARYOU!!!"
  • With one of the audio/video sync devices described in this FanPost, listen to Pat & Ron while you watch the ESPN picture
  • Or, just resign yourself to hearing the worst broadcast team on baseball TV today.

Me, I'm going to avoid all of the above by actually being at the game. If you're in Milwaukee tonight, stop by section 225, row 4 and say hi.

Other news: Phil Rogers thinks the Cubs will regret losing Donald Veal, based on one game he pitched this past week. This is about the same speed for Phil as the plus-minus system he developed last year.

Paul Sullivan writes of a potential new Jake Peavy wrinkle:

The Brewers acquired CC Sabathia from Cleveland last summer, and don't be surprised if they make a push for Jake Peavy later this year.

"That's going to be based solely on how well we play over the course of time," said center fielder Mike Cameron, Peavy's former teammate in San Diego. "I expect for us to play well. We have a lot of talent here."

Milwaukee general manager Doug Melvin shocked the baseball world with the Sabathia trade. But Melvin is a small-market GM with a big-market mentality, and stealing Peavy out from under the Cubs' noses would be a big coup in Wisconsin.

Prediction: Jake Peavy ends the year in a San Diego uniform.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Ryan Dempster
Ryan Dempster
vs. Jeff Suppan
Jeff Suppan
0-0 W-L 0-1
0.00 ERA 13.50
0 SO 1
1 BB 1
0 HR 1
vs. Mil -- vs. Cubs

Ryan Dempster gets hit hard by, of all people, Jason Kendall (16-for-37, .432 -- 13 singles and 3 doubles). The rest of this team, he handles pretty well, including Prince Fielder (4-for-16). Last year, he was 4-0, 2.45 in five starts against the Brewers and had a 1.50 ERA in two starts in Miller Park.

Derrek Lee, who is off to a horribly slow start, usually wears Suppan out (25-for-41, .467, 7 doubles, 4 HR). Hope he takes this opportunity to break out of his slump. Suppan had a 6.60 ERA in three starts vs. the Cubs last year, but as we saw last night with Dave Bush, last year doesn't always matter in getting hitters untracked. Suppan did get pounded in his only start so far this year vs. the Giants.

By the time you see this post, most of this afternoon's games will be over; here is today's Mediacenter link anyway. Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.