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A Few (More) Words About Posting At BCB

Since the SB Nation/Yahoo partnership was announced in February and BCB posts began to appear on the Cubs' Yahoo page, we have had quite a number of new members sign up for the site through that page.

I want all of the new people to feel welcome here; also, there are a few things I want to remind previous users about, so that this site, which is among the largest SB Nation sites, can have both active and meaningful discussion about the Cubs. That's why we're all here, right?

First, a reminder: BCB is not a message board. While you can post comments like a message board, that does not mean that every thought that pops into your head should suddenly become a new post in the FanPost section. FanPosts should require some thought, some organization, and some formatting on your part -- they're supposed to be a "blog within the blog". FanPosts have to be a minimum of 75 words. Really, that's not that much of a requirement; there are more than 75 words in this paragraph up to the end of this sentence. If your FanPost contains something like this:

75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words 75 Words

... as one recent FanPost did, then it's not really a FanPost -- it should be a FanShot. FanShots are for short little bites of Cubs baseball or related topics (if you do post off-topic things, please headline them with OT for off-topic). They can be written by you, or be links, photos or videos. What FanShots should not be are several posts in a row pimping your own site, no matter what it is. If your post is simply to say, "Hey, I'll be at Thursday's game!", maybe your post would be better off as a comment under the previous day's game thread or recap. And if you are looking for tickets or have extras, please post them in the appropriate post in the BCB Ticket Exchange section; you can find a link to the entire section on the left sidebar, and the latest posts in this section on the right sidebar. There's one post for the entire season and there will be separate ones for each homestand. Individual ticket request posts will be deleted without notice. Reminder, face value only for ticket sales on this site. Thanks.

The next thing I'd like to mention about both FanPosts and FanShots is that, since this site is so active, I'd like to reduce the amount of duplication in posts. If you think you're going to be the first one to post a major baseball or Cubs related news story (such as yesterday's passing of Harry Kalas and Mark Fidrych), please check BOTH the FanPost and FanShot lists before you post. Or, search the site using the search function, which is located at the top of the right sidebar. Once you go into the search function, you can power search by phrases, words, user name, or date, or all of the above. If your topic has been covered in the last couple of days, your post might be better as a comment under the previous post. You can set the number of FanShots and FanPosts to show on the sidebar in your user settings.

Next, I'd like to address the various parody/satire posts that have appeared here in the last week. Parody or satire done well is funny. The first couple of these posts were funny. Parody or satire overdone or repetitive is annoying. I think the current run of such posts has run its course; let's back off for a while on these. And while this is true, I also don't need overdoing on the "fanpost police" posts. While I understand you are just trying to help, some people take offense at this. That's one reason I made this post this morning, to clarify a number of things that perhaps weren't clear. Thanks for understanding.

Finally, for old and new posters, checking out the following posts regarding formatting and content wouldn't hurt, either if you're new, or as a refresher course:

These posts and other useful information about this site can be found on the right sidebar under "BCB Specials And Site Info". One final note, which is from the BCB Community Guidelines and which each new member agrees to when he or she signs up for this site:

When posting at this blog, please follow this one simple rule: Before hitting "post" to post your remarks, ask yourself: "Would I be embarrassed to say this in front of strangers who were physically present in the room with me and could respond to my face?" If the answer is "yes," then don't post. BCB encourages and welcomes all opinions, no matter how strong; however, personal attacks, vulgarity, and other uncivilized forms of expression are not welcome. Also, to avoid trolling and spam posts, there is a 48-hour waiting period before you can make your first post after signing up. Thanks for understanding.

All of this is so that we can, old and new members, get along better and everyone's on the same page. If you're new, one suggestion: read posts and comments for a few days before diving in; you'll get a better idea of what this community is about if you do.