The BCB (and Cubs) Twitter Community

In the last month or so, a bunch of posters here started using Twitter, and some of them are using it for a lot of Cubs related things.  Whether it's Al updating people on who's warming up in the pen, Ballhawk's live tweeting from Waveland or daver's in-game commentary, there is slowly growing community of BCBers using Twitter as a nice supplement to game threads (which can easily become cluttered).  I also happen to know that there are more of you out there using Twitter, but maybe not for a Cubs-oriented purpose.  I thought it might be a nice idea if we could all share our Twitter names as well as any other useful Cubs Twitter ids (I.E. Gordo Wittenemyer).

I'm not going to post other people's individual Twitter names just because I don't know if they want it published here, so I'll leave mine and my other Cubs/Twitter knowledge.  And just a disclaimer: I am NOT doing this just to get followers (I figure some people might assume that, but it's simply not the case).  I think down the road it could be really interesting if BCB members who are at games (especially road games) could tweet things going on that are hard to pick up on watching at home.  Plus it's just another way to stay connected with other BCB members, which is always a plus.  Anyway:


My name on Twitter: @brandonrifkin

Al Yellon (Al's BCB Twitter account, tweets every time a new story or one of Josh's Minor League Wraps are published to the front page and any of Al's tweets from games): @bleedcubbieblue

Josh's Minor League Wraps (You already know how great his wraps are, but Josh sends out tweets with quick hits of what's going on around the minors.  The beauty of Twitter is that it's quick and instant - you don't have to wait for Josh's full wrap to post late at night to hear some news): @Cubsminorswrap

Gordon Wittenmyer (great for line-ups, in-game updates, quotes from press conferences and all sorts of other interesting Cubs info): @cst_cubs

Iowa Cubs (Official Twitter account of the Cubs' AAA affiliate.  Excellent source for instant ICubs updates (including in-game tweets).  If you love your minor league news or just enjoy following the ICubs (here's looking at you IowaCubs), following their official Twitter account is a smart move): @IowaCubs

Tennessee Smokies (Official Twitter account of the Cubs' AA affiliate.  Thanks to Josh for the heads up): @smokiesbaseball

MLBTradeRumors (quick blurbs and links to all the posts on Tim's site, if you like staying as up to date as possible on all MLB rumors this is a must): @mlbtraderumors

FanGraphs Team Feeds (game state, last play and win probability.  Choice between full feeds and quick feeds.  Hat tip to MerigoldBowling for the link): FanGraphs

Cubscast (Basically a giant Twitter feed of all tweets about the Cubs.  Thanks to Andre Fonseca for the link): Cubscast


I'm didn't include the CubsMLB Twitter account, mainly because I found it to be a little excessive, and a lot of the articles they were linking to didn't really interest me (whether it be for a lack of quality or lack of interesting subject).  But they have 4000 followers, so some people must find it useful.  If you want to check it out: @CubsMLB

Finally, I know some people use Twitter from their phones (through text) and a lot of others use the web site (Twitter), but I highly recommend finding yourself a stand-alone Twitter client.  I personally use and rec. TweetDeck.  I like it because it's easy to organize all the people you follow into groups, thus making it a lot easier to keep track of all the various tweets you'll be receiving.  If you're using Twitter on your phone, BB users have TwitterBerry.  It seems to be the most frequently used BB client.  iPhone users have a few choices, but I recommend TwitterFon.  It's free and very effective.


That's about all I can think of for now, please feel free to leave your Twitter names and any other useful links/advice you might have.  If us Twitter users are still too far in the minority and most people just don't care about this, just let me know and I'll get rid of it.  I hope this is helpful for some people though, especially those on the edge when it comes to jumping into the Twitter universe.


If you're going to post your Twitter name, please do so in a link to your Twitter page (same format as I used above).  It makes it a lot easier for people to follow you because it will take them to the page where they can click on 'Follow'.  Thanks everyone.

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