The Cubs in the 90s

Was that just a decade of bad or what for the most part?


What are some of everyone's favorte and least favorite moments?

1991 High hopes with the signings of Bell, Jackson and Smith.  Who would have thought the biggest contributions Bell and Jackson would make would be the trades (Bell for Sosa and Jackson for Buechele) they made later involving them?

1992 Last year for Dawson and Maddux before his return.  Mild contention but ultimate collapse.  Arrival of Sammy Sosa.  Dawson ending the season at 399 homeruns.  Dunston injures his back before spring training the season after he had shown signs of finally reaching his potential.

Worst off season I can ever remember.  Losing Dawson and Maddux if I remember correctly days apart,  Signing a pile of crap except for Randy Myers.

1993  Late season surge made an 84 win team.  Is it just me or does anyone else wonder what might have been that season if we kept Maddux and Dawson and still acquired Hibbard and Myers?  Emergence of Sammy Sosa.  Ryno breaks hand in spring training misses first month and is never the same.

1994 0-13 start at home.  Tom Treblehorn's famous firehouse speech.  Trachsel only pitcher to be able to find butt with both hands.    Season mercifully ended by strike.


Major shakeup in front office brings in Andy MacPhail which brought us all hope but his barely mentioned in the sports section hire a few months later is the one who has done the most Jim Hendry.

Okay show of hands - anyone else ever wonder if things might have been different if MacPhail had just taken over and groomed Hendry and never had Lynch?

1995  Contention for wild card til last weekend of season.   Late start because of strike.  Decent season overall.  But for many fans even for Cub fans was Cal breaking the record.  Am I the only one who got goosepimples?

1996 Decent season but nothing to write home about until Sammy broke his hand.  Some promising signs of potential contention but Sammy's injury ended all hope.

1997 the most forgettable of all with the 0-14 start.  Biggest memory is Kaplan living in a truck outside Wrigley until they won.  We were all hoping we'd see a certain prospect from Texas before the end of the season but he wasn't recalled.

1998 Need I say more?  The wild card chase. 20 K game.  66 for Sosa.  The one game playoff.  If any of the first 3 had happened alone it would have made it special but all 3 happening together made it one of the most incredible rides we've ever had.

1999 Kerry goes down to start spring training.  Promising start but early collapse.  And will someone tell Sox fans that the Cubs were not in 1st when the Sox swept them (they were 1 game out)?

This was a decade when we were all atwitter about the likes of Kevin Roberson, Ozzie Timmons and Scott Bullet at one point or another.

MVP of the decade?  Sosa.

Best pitcher of the decade?  It's the tallest midget but probably Trachsel.

Best manager?  I have to say Riggleman.

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