What is your "Reverse" Record?

Today, Mrs. Worf and I left for Indiana-No-Place for a baptism. We left very early and arrived home very late.

Having spent two days gnashing my teeth over lifeless, soul-sucking Cubs losses, I made a conscious decision not to attempt to get score updates. (The ceremony was over by game time, but there was the usual after-gathering where I could have easily found a second to follow along. I chose not to.)

Mrs. Worf, the Cardinal fan, checked the score on her Blackberry on our way home. "You guys won 10-3," she said.

Al and others talk about their "record" when going to games. I'd like to know if people have a record of when they, through choice or circumstance, have to miss the game entirely.

So far, I'm 1-0. I'll have some other games through the season that I miss entirely. (Mother's Day, a few birthdays, a vacation in June, etc..)

And no, I don't care if they project to 162-0 in my absence. Think of me as Soriano. My contract is too big to ditch, so they have to keep me out there even if I slump.

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