Dome's diary - on his birthday, Apr. 27th

Dome keeps his diary posted on his website once or twice a month, and here's quick summery of what he wrote on Apr. 27th - on his 32nd birthday and right after he bashed 3 hits, 5 RBIs including a 3-run homer.


- The birthday homer? Sort of accidental (laugh), but it's better than nothing...

- Birthday is something special for me, but it should be thanksgiving day for my parents. Anyway, 32 years old might be part of middle age, isn't it? Time flies so quick, and I hope this year will be good one.

- 2 weeks after the opening day - not tired at all, as I am still young... at least young at heart.

- The opening game was on road, but I could get into the game very smoothly. When I look back last year (on the opening game at Wrigley), I might be somewhat nervous I guess.

- This year's first game at Wrigley was delayed by rain and cold, so I felt it was a bit quiet day... but it is definitely special day and I made a fresh determination, felt very at home after hearing Cubs fan's rooting.

- I feel it's warmer in Chicago than last year, maybe I'm get used to live here, but the temperature still swings a bit widely.

- I feel better with my condition and numbers as of now. I can hit first good pitch proactively, and get walks sometime - that's good sign. Reasons?  Sometimes I can ask coaches to do practices that I feel I need to do, and I can plan my (pre-game practice) menu easier as I feel comfortable with timetables with experience from last year... those might work well.

- Batting order? I don't have any strong impression that "2nd-hitter" has to be, so I don't care if I bat 2nd or anywhere... I just try to get on base every time for upcoming hitters.

 (dragonsfanatic note - In Japanese baseball,  "2nd-hitter", who bats 2nd, is considered as small and quick technicians)

- For fans - everything's healthy as of now, so I'll try hard to continue this to the end of this season. I'll do my best and I need your support.

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