If you think Judd Sirott is painful to hear, then click here.

I don't like Judd Sirott as a PBP guy.

I'm sure he's a wonderful person, and he loves his family very much, and he gives to a number of important charities.  But he is not a good play-by-play man.  And he and Ron don't really have any chemistry together, at least not like Cory.  In fact, Judd seems pretty one-dimensional on the radio.

Now, I appreciate that the guy is new.  But he's been doing AHL games for 12 years.  He should be able to turn it on a bit more when he needs to.  And this is the Cubs, for Ernie's sake.  We couldn't have gotten someone a bit more natural?

As a result, I would like to inform all of you of the formation of the Judd Sirott Anti-Fan Club.

First meeting is tonight during the 5th inning in the Game Thread (or overflow, as applicable).  BYOB, snacks provided.  A smoking area will be provided.

Agenda consists of the following:

Come up with an acronym.  And then a backronym.

Take nominations for a logo.

Elect representative to SABR (Society for Abolishing Bad Radio)

Write to BCB Store for sponsorship.

Quantify the level of bad Judd exhibits.

Take items for next meeting's agenda.

Nominate Moon Laser Feasibility Study directors (if we have time).

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