So what if there is a rainout tomorrow ?

Ok another slow news day topic but I see the weather calls for nearly non stop rain tomorrow which could easily lead to a rainout. The Cubs of course have only one series with the Padres. I have checked both schedules and it appears that there would only be two choices. A traditional DH on Thursday.  Since the Cubs had a night game rained out and it would not actually be a night game ( would start at noon) this is probably doable under current rules. Of course the Cubs would lose the sales of a full game which I imagine does not thrill them. 

The only mutual day off I see that would not result in either team playing more than 20 games without a break ( which I believe violates player contracts) is June 15 a  Monday off day in the middle of interleague play. It would  force the Padres to fly back and forth from the West Coast which I am sure would not make them happy but IF it rains out that is my bet for a make up game.

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