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Rematch: Derrek Lee vs. Chris Young - Cubs vs. Padres, Wednesday 5/13, 7:05 CT

Nothing seems to get Derrek Lee going these days. He struck out three times last night, and again seemed unable to turn on pitches. Obviously, I'm not a doctor nor a batting coach, but it would seem logical that someone with the neck and back problems that D-Lee has might be better served with some DL time to rest up.

Maybe facing Chris Young for the first time since June 16, 2007, when Lee felt Young was throwing at his head and a bench-clearing brawl ensued, might energize him. The other things I had forgotten about that game is that Carlos Zambrano took a no-hitter into the 8th inning and the game's only run scored on a homer by Russell Branyan.

The other big news today is the weather; the forecast looks ominous:
Tonight: Showers and thunderstorms before 1am, then a chance of showers between 1am and 4am. Some of the storms could be severe. Low around 56. Breezy, with a west wind between 15 and 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New rainfall amounts between one and two inches possible.

But, that could always change or become more scattered. I imagine they'll do whatever they can to get five innings in. Years ago, they'd call a game hours early if there was a forecast like this, but now, with perhaps $1.8 million in ticket sales at stake, they won't do things like that. I hate to tell those of you seemingly obsessed with getting this game postponed and rescheduled that as of now, it is not raining and the radars are clear.

Milton Bradley quote of the day from Bruce Miles' blog:

"You want a bunch of duds walking around with their shoulders slumped and having no emotion, no feeling?" he said. "I don't think the fans want that. I think they want a guy who's going to get into the game and 'feel' a little bit. I've always said I really don't 'play' baseball; I 'feel' it. I try to grasp the moment and make the most out of it. I never really get too cocky about anything I do because I expect to do well."

I'm all for that, as long as he doesn't let his emotions boil over and risk injury or suspension -- and I am NOT referring to the incident currently under review, because I'm on Milton's side on that one.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Ted Lilly
Ted Lilly
vs. Chris Young
Chris Young
4-2 W-L 2-1
3.11 ERA 4.76
31 SO 31
9 BB 19
7 HR 1
vs. SD -- vs. Cubs

2009 - Ted Lilly 4-2 6 6 0 0 0 0 37.2 29 14 13 7 9 31 3.11 1.01

2009 - Chris Young 2-1 7 7 0 0 0 0 39.2 38 22 21 1 19 31 4.76 1.44

Chris Young has made four career starts vs. the Cubs, resulting in three no-decisions and a 1-0 record with a 2.28 ERA. That June 16, 2007 game was the last time he faced the Cubs; he has a 1.80 career ERA in two Wrigley Field starts. Alfonso Soriano is the only active Cub to have more than five career AB vs. Young; he is 3-for-11, all XBH: one double, one triple, one HR.

Ted Lilly's control has been excellent this year; he has issued only nine walks in his six starts. However, more strikes have led to more HR -- seven of them. Fortunately, none of them have really hurt him and four of the seven were in his first start at Houston on April 8. The only current Padre to have a significant number of AB vs. Ted is David Eckstein (5-for-34). Scott Hairston has homered twice off Lilly, but he has held Adrian Gonzalez to a 1-for-9 mark.

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