Why does David Patton have a spot on this roster?

So this year I continue to be confused by the way Lou and Jim are managing the roster.  Leaving the bench short handed while Derek Lee, Aramis (before the shoulder injury) and Bradley sat out for 7-10 days and now David Patton.  David Patton has not pitched since May 9.  This is not necessarily a bad thing considering when he has pitched he has hurt the team more than he has helped.  He has been INEFFECTIVE at best this year giving up 13 hits, 12 runs, 11 earned, and 9 walks in his 12 innings of work this season.  How is this deserving of a roster spot?  I know their has to be someone at AAA wether its Samardzija, Stevens, Hart or anyone else, but this guy needs to be returned to Pittsburgh or a deal worked out to keep him and send him to Iowa for some work. 


Don't get me started on Neal Cotts...

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