Z Ruling Expected today or tomorrow

According to Trib and S-T.

I'm tired of wading through 560 posts on one thread and 430 on the other, and we need a poll on this situation.

This is poll is what you think WILL happen, not what you think should happen.

So, drew if you don't post that the ump should be fired, I won't post that Z should be traded? Fair?

I say he will get 10 games and they will knock it down to 7 or 8, so he misses one start and a whole bunch of chances to strike out as a pinchhitter.

I say the ump gets a private rebuke.

The poll is structured as a zero-sum game. The worse it is for Z, the lighter it is for the ump and so on. There is an option at the end for equal punishments.

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