You be the GM. Trade Harden, and acquire a bat to win this division.

I don't know what the long term plans are for Rich Harden, but if the Cubs aren't going to give him a new contract... then deal him now.

This division is clearly up for grabs... nobody's playing well right now, and at .500, the Cubs are a laughable 2.5 games out of 1st place. With the team constructed the way it is, it'll be a miracle for the Cubs to stay within 2.5 games until Aramis Ramirez comes back at the All-Star break.

We have a wealth of pitching right now. For those of you who haven't been paying attention, the stats below show how the Cubs stack up by the numbers in the most significant pitching categories. Unfortunately... we can't hit the ball worth a damn. We rank #27 in runs scored, and #26 in batting average. Our team leaders in RBIs have just 27 (DLee & Soriano tied). To put that in perspective, there are 110 players in MLB with more RBIs than Lee & Soriano.

Something has to be done... and with the way the roster is constructed, it needs to be done up the middle of the infield.

The Yankees, Phillies, Rangers, and Angels are all contenders who need pitching help. Now, I have no disillusions here... nobody's gonna trade Cano, Utley, Kinsler or Figgins for Harden. But, he's our best trade bait. We need to sign him, or move him.

A more realistic target might be Dan Uggla... who may be hitting a mere .220 right now, but has driven in 40 runs already. With the way Aaron Miles is butchering second base, Uggla's defense is about equal. The Marlins aren't in a position to add Harden's salary, but they may want to get out of Uggla's contract for prospects, if we can make the numbers work. Then, you can re-load on prospects by dealing Harden to a contender, and keeping the payroll about where it is.

So, I'm asking you guys to play GM today... on an off-day. Make us a deal.

MLB Team Pitching Stats (ESPN)

1. LA Dodgers 3.57
2. San Francisco 3.61
3. Seattle 3.74
4. Chicago Cubs 3.82
5. Cincinnati 3.89

Quality Starts
1. Chicago Cubs 38
2. Colorado 37
3. Pittsburgh 36
4. Arizona 36
5. Minnesota 34

Runs Allowed
1. San Fransisco 233
2. LA Dodgers 240
3. Chicago Cubs 245
4. Seattle 265
5. Cincinnati 266

Earned Runs Allowed
1. San Fransisco 220
2. LA Dodgers 228
3. Chicago Cubs 229
4. Seattle 235
5. Cincinnati 245

Batting Average Against
1. LA Dodgers .235
2. Chicago Cubs .238
3. Milwaukee .245
4. San Fransisco .246
5. Cincinnati .249

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