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Danks For Next-To-Nothing: Sox Lefty Stymies Cubs, 4-1

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Thanks to BCB reader Kentmeister who emailed me the headline suggestion during the game (actually, his suggestion was "Danks For Nothing", but the Cubs actually managed to score a run, so it's only "next to nothing").

The weather refuses to warm up in Chicago -- game time temperature 64 degrees, fog and a couple of glimpses of sun -- and the Cubs bats are also refusing to get hot. Maybe they're waiting for warm weather, but it's getting late in the season for that, and getting towards midseason for hitting prowess to finally show its face at Wrigley Field, too. (A little bit of warmth and sun wouldn't hurt, either.)

The Cubs lost 4-1 to the White Sox this afternoon and in his postgame remarks Lou said that it was "getting close to time to make some tough decisions".

May I respectfully say here that it's way past time for some of those tough decisions to be made. Not including today, since May 19 Alfonso Soriano is hitting .152/.222/.263 with 2 (yes, TWO) RBI, both on solo homers. It's time to give him some days off -- or maybe his knee is still bothering him enough to spend time on the DL. This should have probably been done a week ago. My friend Phil is convinced that if you platooned Micah Hoffpauir and Jake Fox in an outfield position, and I'm quoting here, "they'd hit .300 with 30 HR and 100 RBI in a full season."

Phil is exaggerating. There's no way those two guys are that good. Fox pinch-hit today and absolutely crushed a ball that we were all convinced was headed for the LF bleachers for a two-run homer. Brian Anderson made a nice catch at the wall, and all that resulted was Aaron Miles (who had, shockingly enough, doubled, only his seventh XBH of the season) advancing to third, where he scored the Cubs' consolation run on a groundout.

Ryan Dempster threw a decent game; too many walks (six), although only one of the walks resulted in a run. When did the Twins start wearing White Sox uniforms? The White Sox scored runs in a myriad of Twin-like ways today: a solo homer, a single followed by a triple, and then a perfectly-executed squeeze bunt by Scott Podsednik that he beat out for a hit. Once again, Cubs starting pitching put them in a position where any sort of decent offense could and should win a game. The Cubs twice had a runner in scoring position with nobody out (second and fourth innings) and failed to score, and the second time it was a runner on third with nobody out. There's a reasonable argument that Ryan Theriot should have tried to score on Derrek Lee's short fly ball to Anderson in CF with nobody out in the fourth, but Anderson, even though he was stumbling as he caught the ball, was only a few steps behind second base. I suspect Theriot would have been out easily and then everyone would be screaming that he shouldn't have gone and blamed Mike Quade, the weather and all the Sox fans in the ballpark (incidentally, there were far more Twins fans here last weekend than Sox fans today, possibly because of the weekday scheduling of this series).

Lou says he's got "tough decisions" to make. It is, as I noted above, way past time to make them. Tomorrow isn't too soon. Shake things up. Do something.

The weirdest thing of the day was the guy who sat in front of us; he kept getting up and coming back with newly-purchased caps on his head for him and his buddy, eventually four in all. We finally learned that he was upset with his employer because his salary had been cut and he told them he was "taking a client" to the ballpark. He ran up an expense account tab of close to $900. This season's bringing out all kinds of strange events. I'd settle for a few wins. Till tomorrow.