Jim Hendry Should Resign Immediately

The Cubs disaster / train wreck / collapse / or whatever you want to call it of a season, has just gone from bad to worse, with our beloved Mark DeRosa being traded to St. Louis for basically blades of infield grass. (A mid level youngster Chris Perez).

1. This is a slap to Cub Nation's face by Jim Hendry, who obviously is not working the phones hard enough if Mark DeRosa was available for next to nothing. You would think Jim would see enough is enough and make some sort of move, but he's not, and that is why I am calling for his resignation.

2. Jim you made mistakes this offseason that are not even coming close to being forgivable. With Friday's Milton Bradley incident, or Aaron Miles just sitting on the bench everyday when he just he DFA'd and a quality player by the name of Bobby Scales can come back up. The Marquis trade was worked well too Jim. I'm upset you don't have the stones to do anything to Bradley, and I guess we will just have to wait and let him run his course all over our clubhouse until someone fights him.

3. DeRosa in a Redbirds uniform? It's like Jeter in a Boston cap. I never thought I would see the day, this brings sheer anger.

4. We basically swopped DeRosa for Miles with the Cards. Enough is enough, we need Uggla, Robert's, etc. A dam Second baseman Jim. No more wait for Aram. The team we have now will not beat the Cardinals with Derosa. Plain and simple.


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