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Worst Case Scenario: Mark DeRosa Traded To Cardinals

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There have been many discussions on this site about the possibility of reacquiring Mark DeRosa. It won't happen now, as DeRosa was traded to the Cardinals last night for reliever Chris Perez. (Thanks to BCB reader AndrewJStone for getting this FanPost up on the deal while I was sleeping.)

Despite accusations to the contrary, I have never said that Mark DeRosa is Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Henry Aaron wrapped into one. What DeRosa is, however, is a good player who can play 2B, 3B, RF and LF (and 1B if pressed to service), all of them competently. Further, all reports indicate he is a fine player to have in any team's clubhouse, for those of us who consider clubhouse chemistry to be an important, if unmeasurable statistically, factor in a team's makeup.

What gets me is what St. Louis gave up to get him. Chris Perez and a PTBNL. You have to be kidding me -- Perez, who will be 24 on Wednesday, is a good young reliever who throws hard, but is no sure thing. You're telling me the Cubs couldn't have matched this with Jose Ascanio and Jeff Stevens? Or thrown in a third player?

DeRosa is having a good year, fairly typical of him since he became a fulltime player, though his OPS (.799) is a little lower than the .824 OPS he posted in his two years as a Cub. His 50 RBI ranked 11th in the American League and he could have settled down 2B and 3B until Aramis Ramirez returned. Obviously, the deal strengthens the Cubs' division rival, and that's what really bothers me, since I believe DeRosa is a helpful player and anything making a division rival stronger hurts the Cubs. And the Cubs will have to wait only another 12 days to see him -- the Cardinals are at Wrigley for a four-game series starting July 10 (including the makeup game for the 4/19 rainout, which will be the afternoon part of a day-night DH on 7/12).

Jim Hendry, you have failed us -- I believe you could have matched or bettered this deal. It's now up to you to get the Cubs someone similar -- Mark Teahen would fit the description -- before this season starts turning south.