Updated: Marlins marketing department continues to take cheap shots at the Cubs

"MIAMI -- When the Marlins sent a marketing department intern out to the field at Land Shark Stadium with a billy goat during the game Friday night against the Cubs, manager Lou Piniella couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Tasteless," he said. "When we come here they always have some gimmick that basically doesn't make any sense. I don't know who dreams of these things ... When they come to Chicago, we don't have fried marlin.

"Just play baseball." "

Chicago Tribune.

This was in Sullivan's column, I read this and wasn't surprised and pissed at the same time. Last year they played goat noises over the P.A. system and had a goat pop up on the video board when the Cubs were up at bat. Unbelievably classless and disrespectful. This is why I loathe the Florida Marlins after things like this. Arizona did this too in the '07 playoffs. They had a goat outside the park before the game, brought it in with a guy dressed up like Bartman sitting next to him. They got added to my shit list real quick after that stunt. It just goes to show little of class these small time organizations don't have. Muck the Farlins I say

Disgusting. I found a picture of this bs. I wanna punch that damn mascot in the head.

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