My Yearly Plea To Ban Alcohol In The Bleachers

I write this post once a year, usually after some deutche bank makes a fool of himself on national TV. Well, looky what we got here tonight? A Lincoln Park fuckwad dumping beer on Shane Victorino.

Look, if the New York Yankees can ban beer in their bleachers, so can we. I know, that's what makes the bleacher the bleachers, and if that's where the party people want to sit, we should let them so that they're separated from the rest of us. You're also going to tell me that a few bad apples shouldn't ruin it for the rest of you. Well, actually, they do. A couple times a season this happens, or the entire bleachers throws crap on the field after a bad call, or something equally as idiotic. It's not like those tickets wouldn't sell anyway, and I'm frankly tired, as I'm sure all of you are, of trying to explain that these aren't real cubs fans to others.

I know nothing like this will happen until a something serious occurs, such as a douchnozzle throwing something and hurting a player or a game having to be forfeited due to garbage on the field. But if you think that's so removed from the realm of possibility, well, then I can't help you, and almost am jealous of the fantasy world you live in.

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