Has this pursuit of a World Series championship turned Cubs fans into lunatics?

It's long been my assertion that current Cubs fans citing the 100-year lack of a title as the reason for their angst is bullshit. Unless you have been a fan for that entire time, you have no more right to gripe than a Nationals/Expos fan, or a Mariners fan, or a Rangers fan.

But it seems the all-out bloodlust for winning a World Series is turning Cubs fans into an ugly, ugly bunch. A bunch that says players must be perfect in each and every game, from Game 1 to Game 162. That the ebbs and flows of a normal season must not apply (remember the crapfit Cubs fans had when Lou rested a lot of the regulars in the Giants' game when Lincecum pitched?). That nobody but nobody can have a down year, and that if they do, they must be DFA'd, put on waivers or summarily executed, whichever is more expedient.

And it appears to be affecting proven, skilled players to the point that they don't want to play here.

All the stuff about Bradley and the racist comments from the bleachers (after Jacque Jones, LaTroy Hawkins and Dusty Baker relayed the same stories, and with other stories regarding Soriano and Patterson being relayed from other observers). Now Zambrano talking about wanting to be traded (even if it's supposed to be in jest). The constant bitching on this board and on talk radio, etc., even when the Cubs win. The unbelievable nitpicking that goes on with every analysis of every one of Lou's twitches.

Don't tell me it's the same way in other cities. It isn't. I don't think things are this bad in New York and in Boston right now. Maybe Mets fans are bitching, but they've had epic, late-season collapses the last two seasons, and this season they're well under .500 (injuries haven't helped them, by a long shot).

I want the Cubs to win a World Series in the worst possible way. But I don't want to sell my soul in the process. I still want to enjoy a baseball season. I still want to appreciate the nuances of the game and still know that it often doesn't turn out how you expect. (Was the Tigers' fanbase this unruly during their less-than-expected season last year?)

Not to excuse the way this team has played, or the disappointment this seaon has been thus far. Not at all. But if Cubs fans were too docile in the old days (and I think they were), I think they might have gone too far in the other direction.

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