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Greg Maddux Named Special Assistant To Jim Hendry

From the official press release:

The Chicago Cubs today named future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux as an assistant to General Manager Jim Hendry.

Maddux’ responsibilities will include assisting the coaching staffs at major league and minor league spring training, assisting in the development of Cubs minor leaguers during the regular season and assisting Hendry and the baseball operations department in talent evaluation.

"We are thrilled to have Greg back with the Chicago Cubs," said Hendry. "He has such a vast knowledge of all phases of the game and the ultimate respect of everyone from the players to the front office. The addition of Greg Maddux makes us a better organization."

This is outstanding news. I think all of us know that Greg Maddux is one of the best baseball minds who has ever lived. The help he can give to Cubs pitchers is almost literally priceless. The best news in that link is: "assisting Hendry and the baseball operations department in talent evaluation."

That's something that's badly needed. I doubt this would have happened without Tom Ricketts as owner -- as a fan, he may have been able to talk Greg into returning.