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A Few More Cubs Convention Photos

One month from today (February 18), pitchers and catchers will report for the first spring workouts in Mesa, Arizona.

While we wait for that and for the announcement of the final signings before arbitration (and maybe a couple of additions), here are some more photos from the convention.

The "Sarge", Gary Matthews

The classy Pat Hughes
Left to right: WGN's Pat Hughes, Jay Johnstone, Jeff Baker

Micah Hoffpauir
Micah Hoffpauir (in background, Dave Otto)

The business management team
Left to right: Senior Director of Facility Management and Information Technology Carl Rice, Executive Vice President of Business Operations Mark McGuire, President Crane Kenney, Senior Vice President of Community Affairs Mike Lufrano and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Wally Hayward

The patriarch
The patriarch of the Ricketts family, Joe Ricketts

All photos by David Sameshima