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BCB Reader Hall Of Fame Balloting

A number of you registered complaints with the SB Nation Hall of Fame ballot that I posted on Monday. You said you could do better.

So I had the SBN folks set up a ballot for you. While we wait to find out who will be admitted to the Hall in a couple of hours (1 pm CST), go past the jump to see how you did.

82 total votes were cast through late last night, when these were tallied. By the BBWAA rules (75% of the votes cast would give Hall induction, in this case 62 votes), you elected Bert Blyleven and Andre Dawson, and left Roberto Alomar a few votes short -- which is my prediction of how this year's BBWAA vote will wind up. (And seriously, I loved him as a Cub, but who voted for Eric Karros? He's not a Hall of Famer.)

Player % Vote Total Votes
Andre Dawson 81.71% 67
Bert Blyleven 80.49% 66
Roberto Alomar 65.85% 54
Lee Smith 43.64% 38
Tim Raines 40.24% 33
Alan Trammell 29.27% 24
Barry Larkin 29.27% 24
Mark McGwire 18.29% 15
Dale Murphy 15.85% 13
Jack Morris 15.85% 13
Harold Baines 14.63% 12
Don Mattingly 13.41% 11
Edgar Martinez 13.41% 11
Fred McGriff 10.98% 9
Dave Parker 8.54% 7
Eric Karros 2.44% 2
Andres Galarraga 1.22% 1
Robin Ventura 1.22% 1
Not receiving votes: Kevin Appier, Ellis Burks, Pat Hentgen, Mike Jackson, Ray Lankford, Shane Reynolds, David Segui, Todd Zeile